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  • You Want an Accounting System that Works for You
  • You Need Tax Advice
  • You Are Starting a New Business
  • You Are Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level


Our Accounting & Business Advisory Services

Liana M. Gasparini, CPA, offers accounting, tax, and business consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses across all industries. We are a solutions provider integrating tax, audit, business strategy and transformation, information technology and market disrupting principles. Services include:

  • Part-time CFO services
  • Tax planning and preparation for business earnings, sales tax, franchise tax, and payroll tax reporting including consulting on tax code changes
  • Business strategy consulting and market disruption tactics
  • Financial, accounting, and other business systems implementation
  • Special projects.

Give us a call or drop us an email so we can set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your accounting, tax prep, or business advisory needs.

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hot topics in tax reform


Taxes get more complex, in spite of reform designed to make them simpler. Don’t trust your tax planning decisions to friends’ recommendations and social media memes. Get the latest information about changing tax regulations from us!

business transformation strategy services to help small to medium sized businesses move forward


We help small- to medium-size businesses refine and implement corporate strategy, optimize operations, embrace technology, leverage market disruptors, and improve efficiency. From systems integration to process improvement, we can help!

outsourced cfo services help to guide your company to growth and success


Before you hire a full-time CFO or continue without the critical insight needed to grow your business, increase profitability, and reduce risk, talk to us. We help you get clarity, set goals, accelerate performance, and emerge stronger. Call for a free consultation.