Manage Risk, Plan Wisely

Small businesses, especially start-ups, and even some larger medium-sized businesses don’t have the revenue base to support a full-time CFO/Controller salary with benefits. Normally someone in-house performs the bookkeeping function. In the majority of cases, that person is the owner or the owner’s spouse. Having the owner perform the bookkeeping function certainly saves money, but at what cost?

liana m gasparini cpa offers part time cfo services that provide businesses value and peace of mindWho oversees the financial future of the company:

  • its cash flow management,
  • its operational efficiency,
  • the consequences of tax law changes,
  • compliance with federal,
  • state and local regulations,
  • etc.?

Who ensures that the accounting system is giving data needed to successfully run and grow the business and to accurately prepare tax returns?

Part-Time CFOs Add Value

Ask yourself: what is the added value of bringing in an independent, objective third party on an as-needed basis to help with, support, and challenge the strategic vision of the company. For example:

  • Do you have a clear understanding of the business’ financial condition?
  • Is the company financially able to support its growth plans and achieve its target goals?
  • Is the company in compliance with federal, state and local regulations?
  • Is the company taking advantage of every available tax deduction?

Hire us on a part-time basis to perform the CFO function to give your company access to the professional services and experience that are available to larger companies.  Put Big 4 accounting knowledge and practices to work for you! Book your free 30-minute consultation to discover what part-time CFO services can do for you.