business strategy consulting services answers the questions you don't know you have about your businessWhy Strategy Consulting

What is strategic consulting? What does it mean to you and your organization? Strategy consultants help businesses get to the next level. We work in partnership with you or your leadership team to achieve business goals and objectives and to solve complex problems. We can help you to develop or refine a corporate strategy, create a realistic action plan, and, if needed, help implement the related solutions.

Sometimes business owners need a sounding board or someone with a special skill set to help them achieve a key goal or objective. At other times, creative analysis is needed to make the hard decisions about how to better allocate limited human and capital resources. An objective, independent opinion can make the difference in choosing the optimal strategy that best serves everyone involved.

A strategy consultant can evaluate your accounting system and evaluate whether it is providing the right data to support smart and informed decision making. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade from a manual or spreadsheet-system to an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such as QuickBooks.

New systems and apps are being developed faster than we can keep up with them. Business hardware has evolved in a few short decades from giant mainframe computers to localized IBM AS/400 servers with client/server technology to “luggable” personal computers to today’s laptops, notebooks, tablets, smart phones, smart watches, and other personal devices. Business software has evolved from finance and accounting software residing on mainframe computers to software residing on your laptop or in the cloud accessible via laptop, tablet, or smart phone app.

Strategy Consultants Exploit Trends

What is the next trend? Cloud computing provides the platform from which springs the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology. What is blockchain technology? Most people are familiar with the blockchain through their experience with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are purchased from centralized or decentralized exchanges through a “smart contract”. Smart contracts remain on the blockchain forever and are meant to provide full transparency to all parties. This system is sometimes referred to as a “trustless” system. A trustless system means nobody has to trust anybody else in order for the system to function.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, “what does this mean to me, why does it matter”? Stay tuned, as we see these newer technologies slowly making their way into our business and personal lives!